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Power in you, expand the space of your soul

Many times external and external factors affect us as humans and how we travel this life, how we think, behave and feel. Listening to outside opinions and seeking approval from outside oneself effectively keeps our own core, that is, our soul, hidden as it were.

When we look at ourselves from the outside and focus on things outside of ourselves, our energy wanders scattered here and there. Then we are also easily critical and feel that we are not sufficient or enough. Attention and thus energy is shifted away from ourselves, causing the space of the soul to decrease when it was meant to expand.

I concretized this matter through the board " Power in you ", or actually from its journey to the form where it brings out that power.

The process starts

The painting process started and the very first stage, the bright tonal world, has not been taken, but here you can see the situation from the very beginning. And this is really not only a painting process, but always also an emotional journey and the movement and channeling of energy through colors.

I usually always paint alone, but this time my wonderful friend was also painting in my art room. We both focused on painting our own works and processing our feelings. Painting takes you into a meditative state, where at some point it happens that the state becomes silent. No speech needed.

"Interim Graduation"

More shades started to appear in my painting and the energy started to move strongly in it. I had the feeling that nothing more would come to the board this time.

In this way, it often happens that I stop to look and feel the energy of the painting, and if intuition no longer directs me to add anything, then I stop painting. But, still sometimes there is an inner knowledge that the painting will continue at some point. In this case, such information came.


It didn't take long for this board to change. A face started to appear on it and I painted her open eyes. It was somehow a strange feeling and I painted eyes for a while and I wondered what was funny about this and the eyes didn't really communicate the kind of energy that this painting was intended to channel into the world.

In such a situation, it can be a risk to start trying too hard. Fortunately, nowadays I already recognize that it's a sign that I'm not going in the right direction and it's time to stop and feel what's happening.

When we talk about the power in me or you (that is, the energy at the level of the soul), I realized that when this person has his eyes open, he focuses on the external world, looking at himself from the outside and does not notice what power is in his soul. If you look at that picture, the eyes take the attention away from the inside. Then a change happened in seconds, which is completely in line with the message of the painting.

Attention goes to the right place, to listening to the soul. To feel the power of the soul and to convey that power. The eyes closed and perhaps better said the "outer eyes" closed and at the same time the connection to the inner power opened. The space of the soul expanded, so that energy also reaches.

The board has a powerful energy, a message and a mission. I have named my paintings of this type in their own category "The Female Energy Healing Portraits". The purpose of the boards in that category is always to get the energies moving, to make them go in the right direction and also to make you notice what is necessary.

Light and the intensification of your soul's power into your day.

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