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Combination works of body art & photography

The collaborative project IHOLLA by photographer Johanna Karttunen and intuitive artist LuovaSielu (Anniina Anttila).

The images in the portfolio have been featured in our exhibition.

IHOLLA kehomaalauksesta valokuvaan - päivä tunteille

Body painting, clothing painting, and photo modeling.

Intuitive Artist LuovaSielu, Anniina Anttila


Photographer Johanna Karttunen


The creators of the floral hairstyles and earrings are separately credited in the photos.

IHOLLA is a photo series that explores the impact of colors on humans and how they affect emotions. Can I feel? What am I allowed to feel? Do I dare to accept colors? Everyone experiences colors differently and uniquely. For one person, blue might be a color of joy, while for another, it signifies sadness. Personal trauma experiences also influence how colors are perceived. In this photo series, colors are quite literally on the skin.

We have been creating the IHOLLA project together since 2022, and over two years, the combination works of body painting and photography were exhibited at the Aatos Gallery in Porvoo, in our first IHOLLA exhibition, in April 2024.

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