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Colorful Energy Creating Art

I paint all my paintings intuitively and use colors boldly. The painting process for me is like meditation because during it, all focus is on what intuition guides me to do. Other things remain outside. I have the ability to feel and listen to energies, and because of this, emotions are always conveyed in my paintings. The impulse to paint comes as an intuitive message, which also guides the choice of certain colors, the size of the canvas, the selection of painting tools, and even how the paints begin to flow onto the canvas.

My paintings bring much more to the walls than just beautiful decorative elements. Their purpose is to serve as an open channel to the viewer's own feelings and thoughts. They initiate necessary transformation processes and provide energy and strength for various situations in a person's life.
Sometimes a painting immediately touches the heart, conveying a strong feeling that this is what I need in my life. A painting can convey love, peace, gratitude, courage, progress, trust, a new beginning, self-awareness, and much more.

At other times, something in the painting might even irritate or bring up another negative feeling. It is then good to ask oneself what that thing might be. Perhaps a certain color triggers that feeling? Or does something in the painting's energy touch a sensitive spot? This is always a sign that something or some feeling needs to be addressed and is meant to come to the surface. That negative feeling arises for a reason. Such an awakening painting can be a very meaningful acquisition. It is important to give the processing time, and the painting may gradually open up to the recipient.

Nowadays, I love all colors, although it hasn't always been that way. The more I have processed my emotions, the more all colors have come into my life. If a color causes a strong reaction like "I don't like that color," it provides much information, for instance, about whether something in life is overemphasized or if there is too little of something.

In the portfolio, you can get to know each painting individually.

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