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Combined works of body art & photography

IHOLLA joint project of photographer Johanna Karttunen and intuitive artist, LuovaSielu (Anniina Anttila).

The photos from the portfolio have been on display in our exhibition.

IHOLLA, from body painting to photography - a day for emotions

Body painting, clothing painting and photo model

Intuitive artist LuovaSielu, Anniina Anttila


Photographer Johanna Karttunen


The authors of the flower hairstyle and earrings are separately marked in the pictures.

IHOLLA has a photo series that explores the effect of colors on people. How colors affect emotions. can i feel What can I feel? Do I dare to accept colors? Everyone knows colors differently and experiences them individually. For one, blue is the color of joy, for another, sadness. One's own trauma experiences also affect the experience of colors. In this photo series, the colors are literally on the skin.

We have been creating the IHOLLA project together since 2022, and the combined works of body painting and photography realized over the course of two years were exhibited in Porvoo's Aatos Galleria, our first IHOLLA exhibition, in April 2024.

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