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To the colorful art world of LuovaSielu

I'm Anniina, intuitive artist LuovaSielu. My artist name is a good reflection of who I am. My special strengths are strong intuition combined with creativity.


The purpose of my soul is to bring emotional awakenings and experiences and guidance on living through the soul to those people who are ready to receive it through colors, creation and art.


I have the ability to listen and feel energies, which is why my art and creations transmit feelings and vibrations. I create everything with love and intuition. The feeling is always conveyed.


My intuitive art journey started in 2019 when a message came to my consciousness through intuition that now I need to get a large painting base and acrylic colors. I painted intuitively for the first time and I immediately had a strong feeling and experience that now I have found something that feels right in my soul.

My creativity has led me to realize many things. Everything started with painting boards, after which body art, intuitive painting lessons, creating different patterns, designing visual expressions and making different materials have been added. I have learned everything myself and studied the necessary skills from various sources, which have then been structured into a whole in my own consciousness. At the center of everything, however, is the purpose of my soul, because by living according to it, I am in alignment and the necessary lessons come along the way at just the right time, so that the path of the soul can be realized.

I can promise that I always listen to my intuition and my creativity is limitless. It means that there will be new dimensions to what I do, or something may be temporarily or completely less. Limitlessness includes freedom, and if intuition guides me strongly in a certain direction, I listen carefully and act accordingly.

Nainen_edited.jpg becomes visible

The name of my first painting was "Näkyväksi Nainen" (means visible woman) and its meaning and message have become very clear.

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